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If you’re planning to visit Venice, in Veneto, it is only fair that you experience it through food. The city of canals is a culinary paradise and the best way to do so is by booking a cooking class in the city. There are several classes in Venice and it depends on your budget and preferences as to which one you should choose.

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Eating well has always been an adventure for many people around the world. From cooking to enjoying food, it’s all about experience here.   People go out of their way to experience different cuisines around the world. If you too want to experience food from another country, book a   Venice cooking class for sure!


We’re telling you why they are ideal for experiencing cuisine from another country, specifically Italian cuisine and venetian cuisine, and how   you can book one online. So, if you’re planning a trip to Venice and looking for an exciting way to spend your time there, this blog is for you.       Let’s get into it?


One of the best Venice Cooking Class

If you’re looking for a memorable experience in Venice, consider taking one of the city’s best cooking classes. There are plenty of options available, with average ratings of 4.5 stars from over 100 reviews.

A traditional home culinary experience though a local food market tour and private course for large or small groups, is one of the best ways to learn how to create authentic Italian cuisine in Venice. Participants will learn how to balance Italian food flavours and seasonal ingredients, prepare multiple dishes on the stovetop, and cook using authentic techniques and cooking styles. They’ll also learn about ingredients and how they can be used to create unique dishes. This culinary experien

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ce provides a unique opportunity to learn first-hand the beauty, culture, and cuisine of Venice. You won’t be able to find a better way to experience it than through a cooking school in Venice!

Venice Cooking Class in Cannareggio is a 5 start review class loved by tourists from all over the world visiting Venice. The class is handled by our Venetian Chef Lorenzo in love with the city and its culinary tradition. Go forward to discover in details the available classes you have the chance to experience!

Local Venetian Cooking Class & Rialto market tour

If you’re looking to learn how to cook Venetian cuisine with a professional chef in the heart of our beloved lagoon Venice, look no further than our cooking class. Whether you’re a culinary beginner or an expert, our cooking classes are sure to fit your needs and interests, make you living a real cooking vacation!

With our classes, you can learn the art of creating delicious Italian food from scratch while exploring the local culture and cuisine, plus the history of Venice. And best of all, it will be hands-on cooking experience you won’t forget. You’ll learn how to prepare different ingredients and how to work with them in a variety of dishes. Moreover, you’ll have the benefit of working with a professional chef who can assist you in making it all come together seamlessly.

Before taking the class you will meet our Chef Lorenzo early at Rialto Market, one of the oldest local market in Italy, where you can learn more about local food scene, local products, seasonality and how to choose and select them. This way, you can enjoy plenty of delicious food while learning about Venice’s unique culture and history and walking through this special Rialto market tour.

Then you will all take a break and go together in a local bàcaro to enjoy a typical venetian aperitif (cicchetti and prosecco) before going to the exclusive cooking lesson!

If you’re ready for an unforgettable culinary experience, don’t hesitate to join us for one of our classes!

Venice fresh food marketRialto market in Venice

Cooking class in Venice

Discover the secrets of traditional Venetian cuisine

If you are looking for an experience to add to your trip to Italy, consider cooking class in Venice, Veneto. With the beautiful venetian lagoon and canals as a background, you can learn to make many different Italian and specifically venetian dishes to fall in love with! Such as fresh egg pasta, bigoli and spaghetti, potato gnocchi, meat sauce, risotto, fresh fish, tiramisù.. just to list a few of them.

Cooking is an essential life skill that can be learnt at any stage in life. Get to know the flavours of venetian home with a hands-on cooking class and experience a culinary adventure. You’ll leave with a better understanding of local cuisine and the ability to create delectable dishes at home.

The classes are designed for beginners and incorporating ingredients from the local market is a fun way to learn about food culture. Besides, you’ll gain confidence with the ingredients and kitchen tools, becoming aware of nutritional values of the food items and the health benefits of cooking in the authentic way.

The classes include (both for groups or privates):

  • 1 hour Market tour in Rialto, to get into the typical venetian atmosphere
  • Aperitif in a local bàcaro
  • Your preferred selection of ingredients
  • 3 Hours cooking class
  • Wine or soft drink

Why not try it out? It’s an experience worth embracing.

Get a cooking class in Venice for groups

If you are looking to experience the wonders of creating delicious dishes, cooking class in Venice can be a great way to do so. Our Venice Class in Cannareggio, will lead you to discover the heart of Italy cuisine guiding you step by step through a range of classic dishes prepared with authenticity.

You can choose to participate in a small group of a limited number of 10 persons. This way with small class sizes, you get personalized attention and experience hands-on cooking skills and techniques. Plus, r
ather than just preparing the ingredients, you will learn about their origin and use during a market tour in the famous and well-know Rialto market to get a glimpse of local life and choose the fresh ingredients for your cooking class.

From learn-to-cook classes to more advanced classes, there is something for everyone.

Venice cooking class groups

Get a private cooking class in Venice

If you are looking for a private cooking class in Venice, look no further than our website. Our classes are taught by the local chef Lorenzo, who will teach you a range of cooking techniques and recipes.

Whether you’re interested in learning how to make fresh pasta, potato gnocchi, meat sauce, seafood, desserts like tiramisù.. or just want to improve your culinary skills overall, our classes are guaranteed to be a worthwhile experience.

You have the possibility of choosing private classes for very small groups, such as family or a group of friends. In this manner, you may get individualized attention as well as practical experience and procedures. In addition, on a market tour through the historic and well-known Rialto market, you’ll learn about their origin and application.


Venice cooking class private

Why taking a cooking class in Venice?

Cooking class in Venice has become increasingly popular. One of the best things about this course is that it is available to the public. If you’re looking to experience the incredible city of Venice like a local, it would be a good idea to attend them. Working with local Venetians, the classes will be filled with authentic recipes and stories about the city. While it might be hard for you to adapt to their unique food culture, it won’t take long for you to get used to it.

We look forward to making you living the best italian cooking experience for food lovers!